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Mentor Lounge.

CGX could not be more excited to be joining the GameDaily Connect (formerly known as Casual Connect) in Disney to host another impactful & unique Mentor Lounge! Hurry to register for this one-of-a-kind session this coming August 28th.

At CGX Mentor Lounges leaders, experts, & insiders offer one-on-one advice in all areas of game development across tech, creative, leadership, and industry initiatives. The will focus on Press, Publishing, and experts in all areas and put you face to face with those who can help you develop and launch your amazing game.

Do you cover games (i.e. press/streaming) publish games or are an expert in any area of game development and interested in giving back and helping change lives? Apply to be a Mentor!

Are you developing and/or launching a game and are interested in asking media & publishing experts questions? Apply to be a Mentee!

Not attending GameDaily Connect but still want to join the lounge? Email for options

More info on mentor lounges, testimonials, partners and past events can be found on our site!
White Papers

Take a look through the following documents to learn how to make the most of your time at conferences, gain a deeper understanding of business development, and much more.

20 Tips for a Great Conference. Conferences and conventions are an incredibly effective (and often fun) means of networking with people who share your interests and goals, and may also be a great source of new business opportunities. Here are 20 tips that will help you make the most of any business event you attend!

Go-Go-Gadget Business Development. One of the best things you can do to support your company’s long-term stability and growth is business development. This guide will introduce you to basic business development skills and useful programs and software, as well as tips for integrating business development into your daily routine.

Pitching to a Publisher. When dealing with a publisher, there are aspects you need to know how to handle and be ready for. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to make sure you bring your A-game to the publishers you're seeking to work with.

Developer Showcase.

Are you an established game developer? Come to Casual Connect to foster relationships with other developers, gain exposure for your professional development team and beautiful games, and learn how to succeed in the new games ecosystem.

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Indie Prize.

Indie Prize is a scholarship and competition focused on the up and coming creative force of the games industry. Across four global events, over 500 teams showcase their games and compete for prizes and the coveted Indie Prize Awards.

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Lectures and Education.

Get Smart, Make Better Games. Learn the latest in game design, monetization, industry issues, business development, and much more.

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Famous Lecture Highlights

Casual Connect features topics that really matter to creating a successful developer. Staying in business and staying independent is a topic we take seriously.

Game Dissecting by Teut Weidemann. Amazingly detailed insider knowledge and analysis of what makes the best games tick.

Evil Game Design Challenge. On its fifth installment the EGDC is one of the most popular sessions at Casual Connect with a tongue-in-cheek exploration on the application of the new age of monetization.

Inspiration and best practices. Every year, Casual Connect invites a selection of rocking established studios such as Rovio, Nordeus, Plarium, BigPoint, Gamevil, Innogames, Goodgame Studio, Wooga and Resolution Games.

Developer success stories from luminaries such as Matt Hall and Andy Sum of Crossy Road, Yiwei P’ng of Kurechii, and Jakob Lykkegaard of PlayLab to indies staying indie.